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IVDNews, owned and operated by JTM Associates, LLC., was founded in 1999 and has been serving the information needs of clinical diagnostics companies for the past 23 years. IVDNews Information Services is a subscription web application and database that tracks business, scientific, regulatory and intellectual property news with an exclusive focus on the worldwide In Vitro Diagnostics industry. The information provided by IVDNews is customized for each customer's specific business needs and priorities.


Thierry Bernard, CEO QIAGEN 12 Dec. 2019

"IVDNews provides me and our Executive Team with short, concise, valuable information on our molecular market, our competitors, and emerging companies and start-ups. We use it as a very valuable benchmark and scientific/market watch. The format is very convenient, easy to read. The right information at the right time!"

Travis Smyre, Experienced Healthcare Executive25 Sept. 2019

"IVDNews offers an invaluable reference to market dynamics in the medical industry. It provides a weekly digest that summarizes all of the pertinent activities within the industry into a summarized web page with appropriate links. The service can be tailored to present broad summaries, industry highlights, associations news or, in my case, very specific disease states and their associated analytes tested in the clinical diagnostic laboratory. The weekly format is timely without overburdening your inbox. I have used the service for almost 20 years now and have found it to be a very useful aid in my understanding of the continually changing medical diagnostics industry. It’s a great tool for a high functioning and agile team.”

Goodmark Medical, VP commercial development21 Feb. 2020

"IVDNews is an excellent source for current diagnostic information. It definitely helps our team in doing strategic planning. We find the information current and timely. We don't have to wait for say a monthly publication, that doesn't provide much information. IVDNews also covers legislation and regulatory notices. It is also convenient for conducting product searches. For the money IVDNews is a good investment.”